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In government, a general fund typically functions similar to the bank account of the average person: it is the place where all funds are stored. The demo above presents one approach that  visualizes two important aspects of a general fund: the daily balances, and how long (in days) the government can meet operating expenses with those funds. To learn more about government general fund download our fact sheet below.       

View our Fact sheet explaining government general funds


The visualization above was created using technology from HighCharts, a tool that is based  on non-proprietary open standards. It is presented in an interactive block that allows you to see the finished result, and view the code in HTLM, JAVA or CSS by clicking on the tabs above the chart. Click below to download the resources you need to create this from HighCharts®, at no-cost, for non-commercial use.   

View Information from HighCharts® to License The Code

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To take a free online course that teaches you basic principles of Java Script Code, click on the edX® logo.  EdX® offers free online classes from the world's best universities including MIT, Harvard, U.C. Berkeley, and others.

stories from municipal innovators

innovators in government

Governments across the United States are understanding how important it is for citizens to understand budgets and the financials of their community.  The City of St. Louis is using technology to encourage participatory budgeting by citizens, and providing them a voice in different aspects of government. Click below to read the full story and see their web platform. 

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innovators in academia

Read our Profile in Civic Innovation featuring the team of innovators from the NuLawLab at Northeastern University discussing how they are partnering with communities across the globe to help them innovate around core government challenges. 

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innovative citizens

OpenGov recently convened 500 students and citizens to focus on developing new applications that could solve the most pressing government challenges. The solutions that were devised ranged from developing fresh ways to track per capita income across different government units, to many others, which we invite you to read more about.  

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