measure & track the global landscape of citizen data

ABOUT this demo

The demo above was using global data for various countries collected  by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and published
as the "Better Life Index" measuring various metrics of citizen well-being. Click
on the button below to download the data.

View and download the data from the OECD


Microsoft PowerBI® is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze and visualize
data. Click on the link below to download and learn more about Microsoft PowerBI®.   

Download Microsoft  PowerBI

access TRaining resources

To take a self paced online course that teaches you how to use data to create visualizations using Microsoft PowerBI®. Click on the link below to access training resources.

View Microsoft  PowerBI Training Resources 

stories from innovators

innovators in government

Read about how the City of Santa Monica, California is harnessing the
power of data to build an index focused on citizen well-being.  

Read More

innovators in academia

Learn about how the Citizen Data Lab at Amsterdam University applies digital methods to map and monitor social issues in the city that are important to citizens and the participatory open data collection methods they have developed.

Read More

innovative citizens

Learn about the grassroots citizen-led innovations that are improving civic life in Amsterdam, including a crowd sourcing application that helps citizens fix the problems that matter most to them in their cities by initiating projects with fellow citizens.

Read More


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